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Evolving SuperSlow Performance

Moving from stopwatches to repetition counters for better performance and why.

What is Mind-Mapping?

A visual method of precisely planning everything from birthday parties to very comprehensive projects. We are currently in the process of mind-mapping the instruction of each SuperSlow exercise for maximum student benefit. No worries though, your instructor will handle the heavy lifting.

SuperSlow Zone

We are a SuperSlow Zone facility. Find out more and where there are other facilities here.

Benefits of Pumping Iron Later in Life

An excellent Wall Street Journal Article.

Is One Minute of All-Out Exercise All You Need?

If you're wondering if 20 to 40 minutes of SuperSlow per week is all you need, this is a convincing read at CNN.

Can SuperSlow Exercise Combined with Proper Diet Produce Superior Fat Loss Results?

Lesley Stahl and Barbara Walters of 48 Hours are dedicated SuperSlow clients. The results of this study by 48 Hours may surprise you.

Body by Science Book

A science based book on exercise, written by John Little and Doug McGuff MD. This is a link to the book on

Body by Science Question and Answer Book

For those looking to get the most from their SuperSlow exercise program. A companion book to Body by Science, written by John Little and Doug McGuff MD. This is a link to the book on

Bodle's Personal Training

A recommended SuperSlow facility in Chicago, Il.