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Dan Carter

My experience with high-intensity strength training began in the late 1970s after being introduced to Nautilus philosophy and exercise equipment by a friend. I was spending 6 hours weekly with conventional strength training techniques, wondering why my progress had stopped. I began reading the works of Nautilus creator Arthur Jones, and researcher Dr. Ellington Darden. Intrigued by their claims that 90 minutes of weekly exercise using revolutionary Nautilus machines would produce 3 times the results of other techniques, I began driving the 2 hour round trip to the closest Nautilus facility in Marion, Indiana. The concept worked, helping me, a skinny 22 year old, gain close to 100 pounds of muscle in 2 years.

In the early 1980s, I introduced a previous business partner to Nautilus. He was so impressed that he asked my help with equipment selection and a name for his new business venture, which became the first Nautilus “All Sports Fitness Center” in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Since then, I’ve enjoyed introducing countless individuals to the benefits of high-intensity strength training.

In 2000, having lost track of Nautilus, sold by Arthur Jones in 1986, I decided to see what had become of the company. My search led me to SuperSlow and its creator, Ken Hutchins. Ken has evolved the Nautilus philosophy and exercise equipment into a process so efficient it now requires only 40 minutes of weekly exercise to produce even greater results. I promptly purchased his SuperSlow Manual and videos to begin studying for SuperSlow Certification. In 2001, I spent 11 days in Florida with Ken Hutchins, completing 3 levels of SuperSlow certification. Level-I Certification involves the many instructional skills, which make SuperSlow Instructors unique. Level-II includes equipment design, comparison photography, motor learning principles, and anatomy. And Master Certification is an appointment by Ken, giving authority to administer Level-I Certification. This process was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences in my life.

After more than 22 years of evangelizing the rewards of high-intensity strength training, I have been fascinated by results experienced by those who dare to challenge their bodies to improve. The SuperSlow protocol provides a detailed process with which to apply proper exercise for each individual. I have been so impressed with this process that I ended a 22-year career with a Fortune 500 company to become a Master SuperSlow Exercise Specialist.


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